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  • We’ve worked hard at Honeybear over the years to build an extensive network of partners across the country and around the world.

    Our family of growers in Washington, New York, Nova Scotia and up and down the Mississippi River Valley, in many cases are second, third or fourth generation growers. Farmers who are deeply rooted in their communities and understand their local growing climates year round.

    We’re also proud to say we partner with the best retailers in the industry: fresh produce managers and buyers who truly understand what makes a great apple and help us refine and make our varieties even better.

    So whether you’re interested in growing with Honeybear, becoming a retail partner or you’re an apple lover wanting more information on our latest and best varieties, you can find more information on these pages or contact us today.

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  • We pride ourselves on working with organizations who lead their field and understand their customer needs and also have the confidence to take on new, differentiated varieties. . In each region, we offer market exclusivity and varieties like Pazazz that no other retailer in your market can provide. Every retail partner relationship is unique to us and we work hard to nurture and grow both your business and your trust. Our retail partner support services include:

    • Quality control guarantee from tree to shelf
    • Full service packing, shipping and logistics
    • TruEarth growing program – TruEarth growing program – sustainable, environmentally-friendly practices
    • Comprehensive marketing and merchandising service to help drive category sales
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  • We’re always interested in working with new grower partners who love what they do and know their land like no other. It’s why we have developed a family of growing partners from the southern hemisphere to southeastern Canada, producing some of the finest eating apples ever tasted.

    Whether you’re a family farm that’s grown apples for generations, new to the industry with passion and smart ideas or already a regional grower in your own rights, we’re always happy to talk apples and see if there’s an opportunity to work together.

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