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  • If you love apples, Honeybear offers the traditional regional and domestic favorites but our quest for apple excellence doesn’t stop there.

    You’ll also find us developing new varieties like Pazazz – which takes your tastebuds to a new flavor experience. Since our early days as a local Minnesota orchard – and for 40 years now – we’ve been meticulously growing and producing the best eating apples. Today, we work with a network of growers in regions around the country who really understand their local climates, soil conditions and the factors that guarantee outstanding apples, great taste and premium, healthy fruit for you and your family.

    Honeybear was one of the first growers to embrace the promise of a new Honeycrisp apple. We lead the industry in bringing the original Midwest variety to Washington state, where we are one of the largest growers of that consumer favorite variety. Today we offer national favorites, regional specialties from Washington State, New York, Nova Scotia and beyond, as well as all-new varieties like Pazazz, the new wonder apple that offers “wow right now”.

    TruEarthLogo_smallAt Honeybear we’re also committed to doing the right thing. It’s why we created TruEarth, a certification program of best growing practices that protect the land, local wildlife in our orchards and guarantees the very best fruit – while supporting the commercial livelihood of local growers and their families on your doorstep.

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