Honeybear Brands is one of the country’s leading developers of premium, new varieties. At any one time, we may have close to 100 varieties in various stages of testing and commercial introduction. We’re also the only supplier of year-round, premium Honeycrisp thanks to southern hemisphere production throughout the off-season.


  • Flavor: Perfect balance – sweet and tart

  • Bite: Crisp, crunchy, juicy

  • Appearance: Red over cream tones

  • Harvested: October

  • Availability: November-July



  • Flavor: Balanced sugars and acid give a sweet-tart taste

  • Bite: unique cell structure gives a firm, crisp crunch every time

  • Appearance: Strong red color/yellow green hues and creamy white flesh

  • Harvested: Fall (September)

  • Availability: Chilean (April), Domestic (Year-Round starting October)

First Kiss®

  • Flavor: Lively, tart flavor

  • Bite: Crisp, juicy

  • Appearance: vivid scarlet skin, yellow flesh

  • Harvested: mid to late August four weeks ahead of Honeycrisp

  • Availability: Late August


  • Flavor: Sweet and sassy

  • Bite: Delicate crispness

  • Appearance: Red, cream yellow striping

  • Availability: August-September


  • Flavor: Mellow sweetness, vanilla undertones

  • Bite: Crisp

  • Appearance: Distinct orange streaks over yellow

  • Harvested: Mid-August to late September

  • Availability: Jan-Dec


  • Flavor: sweet, refreshing

  • Bite: Crisp, snappy finish, dense flesh

  • Appearance: Light to crimson pink speckled flush over yellow green

  • Harvested: September

  • Availability: November (northern hemisphere), May/June (southern)

Golden Delicious

  • Flavor: Very sweet and rich, aromatic

  • Bite: Crisp

  • Appearance: Yellowish green skin

  • Harvested: late season

  • Availability: year round

Granny Smith

  • Flavor: Sharp, high acid

  • Bite: Crisp, hard

  • Appearance: trademark apple-green skin

  • Harvested: late season

  • Availability: year round

Pink Lady®

  • Flavor: high acid, high sugar, refreshing

  • Bite: crisp, juicy

  • Appearance: Vibrant pink flush

  • Harvested: end of season

  • Availability: November-July


  • Flavor: sharp, sweet-tart

  • Bite: crisp

  • Appearance: Bright red, dark red streaks; white flesh

  • Harvested: mid to late September

  • Availability: fall through spring


  • Flavor: tart

  • Bite: very crisp, juicy

  • Appearance: red

  • Harvested: late September to mid-October

  • Availability: late Fall through spring


  • Flavor: sweet, refreshing acidity

  • Bite: crunchy

  • Appearance: dark crimson, white flesh

  • Harvested: early to mid-September

  • Availability: early fall through spring


  • Flavor: sweet and tangy

  • Bite: crisp, juicy

  • Appearance: red with hints of yellow, white flesh

  • Harvested: late August

  • Availability: early fall through spring